Set of macros for PUBG / LITE, access for 7 days.


No recoil macros for PUBG 7 days

Set of macros, no recoil for PUBG (660 PCs.), which you can use for seven days. The kit includes the most popular among PUBG players assault rifles and submachine guns, such as AKM, M416, SCARL, QBZ95, G36C, Beryl M762, UMP9 and Vector. Shooting can be carried out with such attachments and their combinations as Flash Hider, Compensator, Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip, scope with multiplicity x2, X3, X4.

This kit works with any mouse. Macros are not injected into the game. Using these macros, the risk of getting banned in the game "PUBG", is minimal.

With our macros, running the program SprayX, You do not have to think about from what position is shooting from a sitting position or from a standing position. The program will automatically include the desired macro for accurate and easily adjustable shooting. Similarly, the program will automatically to adjust the compensation of the recoil while firing with breath or without it.

ПThe program pauses the macro while You are in your inventory. Therefore, you do not have to deal with the cursor running down during the transfer of objects. Same with an open card. You can move the card as usual.

*The price does not include the Commission of payment systems. The final cost will depend on your chosen payment system, please keep this in mind.

To purchase, go through a simple registration procedure.

After payment, you can download the program in your account, section "My orders"

Screenshots of the program SprayX

SprayX window

SprayX window

Latest video

G36C + Compens + LG + scope

Shooting with macros no recoil SprayX in the game PUBG assault rifle G36C. Used weapon modifications Light Grip + Compensator + optical sights X2, X3, X4


Macros for pubg NoRecoil QBZ-95. Clip with vertical forearm, compensator and different sights.


Demonstration of macros no recoil for any mouse SprayX on the example of the assault rifle M416. Shooting is conducted standing, sitting with the clamped shift and without it.