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MACROS NO RECOIL PUBG for Logitech mouse

This section contains packs of free, private macros for the popular shooter PUBG, the use of which greatly facilitates the shooting, the mechanics of which, the game is quite complex and diverse.

All macros presented for Playerunknown's battlegrounds work in 2020 with Logitech mouse. Download macros for pabg can be absolutely free and without registration.

What are macros?

Macros are specially written scripts loaded into the mouse memory, which allow you to automate the mouse cursor control. In other words, the macro for PUBG only moves the mouse cursor so that it leads to compensation of return of the weapon, and the player remains only to direct the weapon at the purpose and to shoot. Thus, the control of the recoil of weapons in PUBG is quite naturally, as a person would do, but a person is trained. However, from the outside, teammates or watching the video people will feel that the player shoots on their own.

Free macros no recoil for PUBG / Logitech

To rate the shooting with macros, you can download free, a list of which is presented below:

Макросы Beryl

Logitech / Beryl / PUBG macros

Contains 3 macros for Beryl. Instructions inside the archive.

Downloaded: 3977

Download Beryl »

Macros for PUBG / AKM

AKM macros

Includes 3 macros for pubg AKM. Instructions inside the archive.

Downloaded: 5722

Download АКМ »

Macros for PUBG / UMP45

UMP45 macros

Pack of 3 macros for pubg / UMP45. Instructions inside the archive.

Downloaded: 1296

Download UMP45 »

Macros for PUBG / QBZ-95

Qbz-95 macros

3 macros for the qbz-95 assault rifle. Instructions inside the archive.

Downloaded: 1019

Download QBZ-95 »

Macros for PUBG / M416

M416 Macros

Macros for PUBG / M416 in the amount of 3 pieces. Instructions inside the archive.

Downloaded: 6294

Download M416 »

Macros for PUBG / SCAR-L

SCAR-L macros

In a set of 3 excellent macro for assault rifle SCAR-L. instructions in the archive.

Downloaded: 1960

Download SCAR-L »
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The recommended macro settings can be found in the text files next to the specific weapon macros.

Shooting with macros no recoil in PUBG

And so, it is important to know and understand that, since macros are sharpened to repeat certain commands described in the script, so they can not adapt to different game conditions, and configured always on the specific circumstances of the shooting. What are the conditions and circumstances?

  • The shooter needs to shoot from that position is configured macro. For the most part, this position is standing. The macros presented are no exception.
  • If the macro does not involve holding the breath (in-game hotkey LShift), and the shooter must not during the clip to hold the breath. Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to a curve «spray»

If you ignore all these factors, the player may get the impression that the macro does not work or is clumsily configured. Based on the above, I recommend to monitor the position of the body of the character during the shooting.

Do not bother shooting the provisions I recommend to look in the direction of professional macro no recoil SprayX

Setting up and installing Logitech mouse macros.

First of all, you need to have a Logitech mouse for the macros to work. How to use watch the video (Subtitles in English):

The list of free macros is planned to be expanded as far as possible.
Additional, free macros can be downloaded from our forum.

Professional SprayX no recoil macros

If you don't have enough free macros or you don't have a mouse from Logitech, you can get professional, private roobeespray macros suitable for any mouse. Macros SprayX have firing modes - sitting, standing, of breathing, without apnea, and many other convenient and useful features.

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