Update mscros no recoil SprayX 0.0.7

Hi, everybody.

I know that many of you wanted to see in this update macros for the assault rifle from "airdrop" - Groza, but this time I decided to postpone the implementation of it, because in the light of recent events, a lot of cases have appeared and the update has already been delayed.

But, there is a silver lining, in this update added a new weapon that most of you have been waiting for since the beginning of the year, the weapon is - G36C. Now the number of macros contained in the program increased to 660 PCs., and the total number of lines of all macros is more than 227K. Note that the "Reduced handle "or" red handle "on the map "Vikendi" No. So for this attack I added "Light handle". Later, I hope, this attachment will be added to all other trunks.

I can not help but note the high accuracy of the macro for G36C, especially from a sitting position. Hope you like it too and you will with pleasure to use this remarkable device which, besides, it is easy to direct (to bring, control) at "clip".


In addition to adding G36C, macros for UMP9have been updated in this release. I have to say, now this one the submachine gun is not as accurate as before, the culprit is a greater range of accidents in the return of this weapon. But still, it is one of the most stable and accurate samples weapons today. I am sure, as before, he will not let you down in the shootings at close range.

Also, on the forum, user Aphonya it was suggested that an optional inclusion of compensation for the return of weapons after the grenade had been thrown be made. The thing is, until this update, after the user has let go of LMB while throwing a grenade, automatically renewed compensation of the recoil of the weapon. However, in this case, the throw the second and the following grenades fighter was forced to fight with compensation during aiming, or re-press the activation of the grenade. I thought the idea accepted and implemented offer Aphonya, for what to it separate thanks, like all the other soldiers, leaving on the forum their ideas. As a result, in this update, the player can choose how it is more convenient to resume compensation recoil of the weapon after throwing grenades, either automatically or via the pressing of the choice of weapons (1,2,3,4). By default, it is set to resume automatically macro's. The option is available in the program settings. To disable automation, uncheck the corresponding settings item.

In addition to everything, I want to inform you that there were scammers who steal the program and sell it. Beware of scams, the original SprayX program can be get online only roobeespray.ru! Even Resellers can only sell keys, and the program files are downloaded only from the personal account on the website. If you are offered the program instead of the key, know it's scammers and they should not buy anything. Remember that only thanks to your support, the product is able to be updated and developed.settings'.

Update description v.0.0.7:

  1. Added G36C assault rifle (F11 default hotkey);
  2. UPDATED ump9 macros;
  3. Added the ability to disable the automatic resumption of compensation for the return of weapons after throwing grenades. If you disable this feature, the player must own to turn off the pause mode to throw grenades;
  4. On the website, in the personal account, the remaining time of use of the program is now displayed in more detail, up to hours and minutes (previously only the number of days was shown, even if there were hours or minutes left before the shutdown);
  5. In the interface of the program, now there is information about the remaining time before the expiration of the use of macros;
  6. Added a hotkey to activate the light grip. At the moment only available for the G36C;
  7. As usual, minor bugs are fixed, the program code is slightly optimized, the program interface is optimized, experimental compensation algorithms are developed (if the test goes smoothly, will be implemented in production);

Attention! The configuration files have changed. The new version does not support old files. How to edit configuration files

SprayX window
SprayX window

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