Hi, everybody.

The long-awaited, big update is already available to everyone.

I would like to note that now the program has its own website: roobeespray.ru The site operates via a secure SSL Protocol with improved security personal data. For residents of Ukraine the site is fully available, as well as the program, without the need to use a VPN.

In addition, we have worked to improve the server SOFTWARE and laid the Foundation for further development.

Description of update v.0.0.5

  1. Added the ability to shoot from a sitting position. The program now contains 570 macros. More details can be found in the section About.
    In the main program window there is an indication of the current sitting/standing position.
    Important! For the correct operation of this function is necessary in the settings to set the hot keys exactly as in the game meet for the jump and crouch.
  2. Removed assault rifle M16A4. Added submachine gun Vector instead.
  3. Completely redesigned and improved macro algorithm, and increased the accuracy of the main timer. As a result, these changes should improve the accuracy of shooting.
  4. Added hotkeys "Jump" and "Crouch".
  5. Added hotkeys for Stun and Smoke grenades. The principle of operation is the same as that of a fragmentation grenade. More in Instruction.
  6. Automatically enable updates. The program sends its version number to the server. In case of a difference, the update feature is enabled. But, run the update, still, you need to manually on the website, in your account.
  7. Added pause setting for 1 or 2 weapon selection buttons. By default, pressing the 2 button activates the pause. You can change the hotkey in the program settings.

    We are aware that this innovation may not appeal to some users, so please write your attitude to this feature in the comments below this news.

  8. VERY IMPORTANT! Now, for the correct operation of the macros in THE game settings, you need to set "vertical sensitivity multiplier" on 1 (previously it was required to bet on 0,7).
  9. Removed" sliders " of recoil compensation settings. Instead, the user can change the setting if necessary "vertical sensitivity multiplier" in-game to increase or decrease recoil compensation.
  10. Redesigned return compensation management Pix+ Pix-. Now the adjustment has a smoother effect on compensation, allowing you to adjust it more precisely «under itself.» Setting is carried out in increments of 0.05.
    The action of these keys is inverted. Previously, to increase the compensation for the return it was required to increase the value in the positive direction, now on the contrary it will lead to to reduce the recoil compensation, please keep this in mind.
  11. Added configuration file config.ini. It contains settings for adjusting the recoil compensation keys Pix+ Pix- The file settings.ini now contains only individual settings such as-hot keys, login, etc.
    This is done for easy sharing of settings between users. You can now upload a file to share your settings config.ini and everything should work.
    Important! Previous versions of the file settings.ini are incompatible with this version of the program!
  12. Fixed an issue with program crashes when file settings contained fractional values with a separator that did not match the one specified in Windows.
  13. Fixed the program behavior when the inventory is enabled. Now, tracking the hot keys will not turn off. Hot keys cease to be monitored only when pause mode enabled.
  14. Disabled tactical stock control for M416
  15. Optimization of algorithms and program code is carried out. Fixed minor bugs.

RoobeeSpray window
RoobeeSpray window

Thank you for choosing us!

Good luck in the fights!

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