Hello dears!

This update fixes minor bugs found in the program during the last week.

But the main thing that I want to tell and show is the update of basic macro settings. We've set up all the weapons we have except the M16A4. It will be set up later in the routine mode.

The weekend came and we thought that it would be nice to have time to update by the beginning of the weekend, so you can get more pleasure from using the program. That is why they did not wait for the m16a4 settings.

The first thing I wanted to draw your attention to is the randomness of bestowal. The recoil is not constant and changes from time to time, so adjust the shooting to one point is not it will turn out, it is necessary to establish "average" values of return. Therefore, most often, you will have to slightly control the impact, to bring to the goal. On some trunks this to make it easier, some harder. That is demonstrated in the presented video. Later, when the rest of the videos are processed, you can find them on our channel as well on the website.

Thank you for choosing us!

Good luck in the fights!

Leave your comments about this version of the program, your opinion is very important to us!