Hello dears!

Today's update includes the most anticipated and quite significant options such as optical sights and separate settings compensation returns Pix+ Pix - saving settings.

I want to note that, after this update, users get at their disposal more than 290 macros, which will be fine-tuned and improved in the future.

To adjust compensation of return under itself, for each kit, or their combinations now becomes so easy that in most cases you do not have to move the sliders in the settings, just press the "Pix+ Pix" compensation correction hotkeys once or twice-"

In addition, in this update you can assign your own keys to activate/deactivate modifications (flame arrestor, compensator, vertical forearm, etc.). It means, that now the program does not require the NumPad keyboard. Along with this innovation, there is no use of additional software to emulate the numeric keypad.

The list of changes and additions in version V. 0.0.3

  1. Added optical sights X2, X3, X4;
  2. Added the ability to adjust the recoil compensation for each attachment separately and their combinations with automatic saving of settings (even after restarting the program the correction will be applied according to the last settings);
  3. Added the ability to assign custom keys to activate / deactivate attachments (num1-Num9 keys are no longer reserved);
  4. Activation / deactivation "Tactical Stock" moved to the Num6 key. Previously, in the default configuration, it was on Num7;
  5. Pause F10 now blocks activation/deactivation of body kits. Simply put, when the program is in pause mode, clicking on the activation / deactivation of body kits will not to actual compensation configuration change;
  6. Assault rifle M16A4 received the current settings.
    Important!Tincture is made for shooting mode on three shot being fired (BURST). this means that after the first click the program waits for the next user, otherwise it will be released only one burst of three shots and then stop firing, and compensation. Quickly by clicking by left mouse button you can achieve a continuous and heap of fire
  7. Modified the basic settings of the payment for assault rifles:
    • M416
    • Beryl M762
    • QBZ
  8. The configuration file settings.ini is not compatible with the previous version settings file.
    Important! Do not copy the old file to the folder with the new version of the program. If the old file was already in this folder, delete it, the program will automatically create a new one;

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Good luck in the fights!

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