We have prepared another update. Download update on the website under "My orders" after pressing the button "Update RoobeeSpray"

#ChangeLog v.0.0.1
  1. Now, pressing the weapon selection button again doesn't turn off that weapon. You can reset the weapon only by pressing F2.
  2. Added Beryl M762 default F9.
  3. Pause F10 compensation now compensation stops and disables the TAB key, i, M. If this does not reset the selection of weapons and modifications. You can exit the pause mode either via F2 or F10.
  4. Cancellation of the "G" key is now performed by the LMB. That is, the player chose a grenade (picked it up), pressed the LMB and holds aiming. After the LMB is released there is a throw of the grenade and at the same time action of the key "G"is cancelled. However, keys 1,2,3 or 4 still cancel the "G" button. Thus, the player can get a grenade and not throwing it to put back where he took, while you need to press one of the keys (1,2,3,4) (keys to select weapons in the game). When you enable the action of the "G" key in the program interface will be a large image of a grenade, notifying the player that the compensation is suspended by the "G"key.
  5. The program name now indicates the version.

Warning! configuration File settings.ini has changed.The old file is not compatible with the new version of the program.If necessary, transfer the settings from the settings file of the previous version to the new one. Good luck in the fights!